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  • Couples Counseling

    Do you find yourself in a place where you feel frustrated, alone, and scared of losing the most important relationship that you have? It may even feel as if you have no idea how you got here. I know you want to feel connected, known, and loved by your spouse or partner. I can help you find the comfort and security of intimacy again, where you can create a relationship that thrives and is resilient throughout the changing seasons of life.

    When your relationship feels less than what you desire it to be, you may believe the answer is found in new communication skills or learning how to resolve conflict better. While that is certainly important, the issue is usually something deeper. In therapy, I will partner with both of you to get to the root of what matters most – you both want to find security, understanding, comfort, and belonging with one another. When you get stuck, despite your best efforts, you automatically respond in ways that send mixed signals to your partner and they respond in a similar way. The issue is this interaction between the two of you. We will pursue de-escalation, identify underlying emotions and needs that connect you, pursue repair of the relationship when needed, and discover a new way for you to interact with one another that helps your relationship to thrive.