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  • Individual Counseling

    If you are an individual who is feeling anxious or depressed, it may be difficult to understand why. Emotions can be tricky. Being able to move through emotion is a healthy part of life. Yet, sometimes there is a pattern of resorting to unhelpful coping strategies which seem to work in the moment, but lead to anxiety or depression long term. Perhaps you were never taught how to navigate your emotional self and you feel lost or overwhelmed with what to do. Not only are you feeling the effects of emotional distress within yourself; you also feel it in your relationships with others.

    Sometimes our mental and emotional health feels “off” because of transitions or life events such as starting/ending college, getting married, parenthood, job change, relocation, becoming an empty-nester, or experiencing a loss. Adjusting to these times of change can be more manageable with the help of someone walking that path with you.

    No matter what brings you to counseling, I know what you want most is to have someone to confide in and to understand the pain that you carry. I will help you learn how to manage your emotions, find healthy coping strategies, and find your way back to your place of contentment and confidence within yourself and in relationship with others.