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  • You’ve tried being patient, asked other parents what works for them, and even googled techniques that might offer some hope.
    Why has nothing worked to help improve your relationship with your teen?

    Here’s the answer:  you don’t build or even repair a relationship with a bunch of techniques. 

    To have a fulfilling, enduring relationship with your teen, you must get at what is often missing at the core:  true emotional connectedness.  

    Much of how we live our lives today wars against true connectedness.  The result?  We think we are “connected” with others, but deep down we are terribly lonely. This goes for your teen and for parents.

    What does the Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go program do to help?
    The Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go program teaches and gives examples of dynamics that work and dynamics that don’t work in two different relationship systems: the co-parenting-to-teen and the individual-parent-to-teen. After you are shown these dynamics, you then get to practice and experience creating deeper connection in those relationships. Throughout this workshop you will work together as parents, as co-parents with your teen, in small groups with other families, and process together as a larger group to begin creating deeper connections that will last.

    The Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go workshop :

    • Lets you learn as a group but practice privately as a family.  Trained professionals guide you as you build these key relational bonds.
    • Gives you two days of steady learning and practice to get you headed in the right direction.
    • Connects you with knowledgeable professionals for follow up consultations if desired.
    • Designed for teen ages 12-18

    What does it cost?

    The cost per family for 10 hours of guided interactions is $300. When you consider that therapy averages $100 per session, this is a savings of over $700!  This program is an incredible bargain and a priceless investment in your relationship with your teen and in your happiness. Payment is conveniently made on your credit card through PayPal.   (No PayPal account is required.)

    What is included in the registration?
    *  Lunch and snacks are also included.  Please make note of any dietary restrictions on the registration form.

    We are partnering with our local colleagues at LifeGrowth Psychological Services to offer the Hold Me Tight® Let Me Go program to our community.

    For: Parents and their teenage children ages 13-19

    About: Gain understanding on new ways to effectively communicate where everyone can feel heard and move forward feeling more emotionally connected and understood.

    When: April dates coming soon

    Cost: $300 per family

    Where: TDB